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What Do Your Boxers Say About You?

Underwear is an important part of men clothing. So those boxers of yours actually speak a lot about you and your personality. Boxersare a very important part of their life.  Tighty Whiteys– This underwear is traditional....

Best Hair Extensions for You

A Guide to Choosing the Best Hair Extensions for You

If you want thicker or longer hair, then don’t worry if your natural hair is too thin or if your hair gets to a certain length and then seemingly stops growing as you can always get hair extensions put in. Extensions are a mo...

Summer Trend Decoded

Maxi Dresses: Summer Trend Decoded!

So here’s this thing: imagine yourself in a beach or going for a hang out in the evening around the malls or a perfect evening date. Three different places and three different situations. Comes here the unbeatable questio...

Spray Tan Phenomenon

The Spray Tan Phenomenon

Tanning has been a fashion trend for nearly 100 years. When Coco Chanel returned home from a cruise in 1923 looking bronzed from the sun, her healthy glow became a new fashion standard. Tanned skin came to represent vitality, h...